3 Methods on How to Spy on Text Messaging on iPhone

The advent of fast internet and the subsequent development of mobile phones emphasized the vulnerability of young children and even teens, so much so that parents had to learn how to spy on someone’s phone just to keep their children safe and secure. When children use cell phones, they can be easily exposed to inappropriate content. There are several kinds of text messaging that aren’t intended for children, but somehow some children still learn how to do these and even engage in these inappropriate texting behaviors.

Why Text Message Monitoring is Essential.

Parents would definitely not want their kids to be subjected to sexting, texts involving drugs and illicit or criminal activities, and text messages from predators. This type of content is harmful to the kids’ mental and emotional state. Even bullying can be found in text messages and this can easily have the same effects as the traditional bullying methods. This is why it is crucial, an absolute necessity almost, to have a tool to help parents monitor their kids’ activities while they are texting on their iPhones.

Common Methods of Monitoring iPhone Messages.

The iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in the United States. It is commonly used by companies with their employees, and by kids. It is estimated that almost 50% of children have their own iPhones or have access to one. This is why it makes sense to invest time and other resources in getting a good tool for monitoring children’s text messages. Here are some of them so don’t stop reading.

Monitoring Using iCloud syncing – This is a free method of tracking and observing text messages on iPhones. It involves syncing your iPhone with your kid’s iCloud account. Needless to say, you need to have the username and the password to your kid’s account, which you can easily access considering that you bought the phone. First, you need to get your child’s phone, go to Settings and tap on iCloud, and then tap on Messages. Then you need to move all sliders to the right. After that, sign in to your child’s iCloud on your phone. That’s it! Now you can view all your child’s messages.

Monitoring through forwarding of text messages – This is another free method of monitoring text messages but it doesn’t involve going to iCloud. However, you need to have your kid’s phone. Once you have it, go to Settings, then Message, and then tap on Send and Receive. There should be a field for Email. Input your email in there. Now, every time your kid sends or receives a text, it will be forwarded to the email you put in.

Monitoring using third-party monitoring app – This is a paid method but it has the most features. You have to install the app on the target phone. Once you have done that, you are good to go. You can view all incoming and outgoing texts, emails, calls and instant messages. There are plenty of other features if you use software for monitoring. But you need a powerful monitoring app that is supported by iOS, such as Highster Mobile or Auto Forward Spy, so you won’t have to jailbreak the phone. For more information on top monitoring apps, visit our website https://safeguarde.com/ right now to learn more!