Stay Up-to-Date When Your Teen Receives Text Messages from iPhone

A lot have been using spy apps to spy on someone’s text messages for legal and safety purposes. Text scams have circulated the world, prompting each potential victim to respond to them and eventually fall into their traps. Different government agencies and private companies have continuously warned citizens and consumers or clients about scams that are using their names.

There are lots of ways to scam a person and sending text messages is just one of them and a dangerously popular one! Scam messages are very often anonymous. They often tell you to call the number for more of the details they sent you or to prompt you to give your personal information, even your bank information. Either you won some raffle prizes, and you need to call them for details of claiming it or someone from your relatives told them to contact you. Once you respond to them, it might be all over.

Young people are perfect victims of these fraudsters and scam artists as they tend to be inexperienced. According to the statistics made by the BBB Report, 43.7% of the victims are aged 18-34, wherein 25% of these are 18-24 years old. It also found out that the same age bracket most likely to fall victim to fake checks and money order scams. The worst thing is that young victims are most likely direct paying through their bank account.

Such text message scams can lead to danger for your children, and parents wouldn’t want that. Well, nobody would want to be scammed at all. Even though reminders were already been given to your children, it seems that it’s still not enough, and you are still worried about their safety.

Fortunately, there are spy apps that can help you protect your children from becoming victims of text message scamming. You don’t need to possess the targeted phones to monitor them. These spy apps can track text messages and are also capable enough to monitor online activities and their location.

Some spy apps, such as Auto Forward, are introduced as the Top 5 Spy Apps that can track text messages, even iMessages! Some of these apps are even capable of the following:

 Call Recording

 Monitor social media in real-time

 Track location by GPS

 Record e-mails

 Extracting call log

 Access contacts

 View browsing history

 Take photos through remote camera

These spy apps are inexpensive and don’t need monthly fees. Some of the spy apps are also made for iPhones and iPads and don’t need a Jailbreak! What do you need to look for in an SMS Spying app?

1. Spy app must be easy for a parent, who has a lot in mind, to check the text messages and doesn’t need to navigate through so many control panels.

2. No Monthly Fees. Paying for an additional load in your budget every month is not advisable. Find out a spy app that doesn’t require monthly fees. At the same time, inexpensive software should be able to provide the best features a spy app can have, as the GPS locator.

3. Easy to install. It should have quick step-by-step instructions on how to download and use it after installing it.

Staying up-to-date with your kids’ text messages can only be possible with the best spy apps. Along with parental advice, use these spy apps for your peace of mind.

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