Are you an exercise buff? Do you love to run, bike, skate, dance, walk—anything to get your heart rate up and stay fit? Do you like to have some type of technology that can monitor your progress? Something that can provide you with feedback? Well we’ve found some of the most free Highster Mobile intriguing products on the market today that can do all of that and we’re laying it out here for you.

Under ArmourHealthbox


Marketed as a “connective fitness system”, the UA Healthbox is a virtual coach. In a box.With an app.And a band.And a scale.And a strap. And more. From the moment you wake to the moment you sleep, the Healthbox measures everything you do, 24/7. The band measures your sleep, heart rate, steps, and workout intensity. The scale tracks your weight and body fat percentage, as well as your goals. The system also monitors your sleep quality, gives alerts about your progress—or lack thereof, provides cell notifications (calls, texts, etc.), lets you plan your workouts, access your phone’s music playlists, and more! And yes, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android.

Misfit Wearables Flash


Retailing at about $30, the Misfit Wearables Flash lets you track yourwalking, running, cycling, tennis, yoga, and dance activities—even your sleep! Stylish, comfortable and very durable, the Flash sends your data to the Misfit app, which turns it into visually pleasing and easy-to-understand charts. The waterproof tracker provides information on calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled and even the duration and quality of your sleep. Best of all, it works on both iOS and Android.

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear


The revolutionary Jet SmartGlasses by Recon are the ideal fitness accessory for any serious runner, biker, or hikerwho wants to be hands free while on the go. The futuristic looking glasses let you capture and view such important fitness data as your heart rate, speed, pace, distance, elevation and cadence in real time and makes it so you can share the information with whoever needs to know. Android and iOS compatible, the Recon Jet uses an advanced microcomputer and a suite of sensors to capture all the data and transmit it. It also allows you to take P.O.V. pictures and videos while out and about, display texts and caller ID (which appears below your right eye), and lets you set choose songs from your music playlist.

Hexoskin Smart Shirt


Sometimes you just want to measure your heart rate, breathing, ventilation, acceleration and more without being laden down by eyewear or watches or wristbands or chest straps. That’s where the Hexoskin Smart Shirt comes in. This biometric wearabledoes all of the above, thanks to the attachable recording devices available for it,which pair up nicely with your favorite fitness apps and devices.But unlike all of the other fitness apparatuses mentioned above, the Hexoskin is also a high-quality anti-bacterial exercise garment that helps regulate temperature by wicking away excess moisture.

Lumo Run Shorts


Why should your upper body have all the fun when you’ve got perfectly good parts down below? Designed with the idea that many running injuries begin at the hip, Lumo placed a sensor in the rear waistband of its high-tech running shorts in order to track your ground contact time, braking, pelvic rotation, cadence, bounce, and stride length. The included iOS app allows you to receive real-time audio instructions over your cell so that you can make immediate changes to your run—or save the data and check it later.